Saanenland culinary delights

Lovers of regional and seasonal specialities will find themselves spoilt for choice here; after all, the Saanenland has a rich culinary tradition. That is one of the reasons why our chef purchases a great deal of fresh regional products from local producers.

    Our suppliers:

    • Meat from the "Buuremetzg" butchery in Gstaad
    • Vegetable, lettuce and fruit from the "Schmid grocery store" in Saanen, beo in Zweisimmen and farmer Daniel von Siebenthal
    • Bread and bakery products from the "Chnusperbecke" and "Early Beck" bakeries in Gstaad
    • Cheese, butter, yoghurt and other local dairy products from  "Molkerei Gstaad"
    • Fresh ice cream from Ruci Gstaad